How To Achieve the Ultimate Eyebrow Glow-Up

How To Achieve the Ultimate Eyebrow Glow-Up

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Brows aren’t completely necessary, sure—there are plenty of folks out there absolutely rockin’ the no-brow look. But the way your brows look—whether they’re nonexistent or thick and fluffy—have a huge impact on how you look! So if you want to change your appearance, start with your brows. Brows are mega malleable—you can grow them out, trim them thin, alter their color, reshape them, and so much more. Here’s how to achieve the ultimate eyebrow glow-up and let your personality shine!

Keep ’Em Moisturized

The key to impeccable brows is hydration. Moisturized brows are happy brows. Using moisturizer on your brows and on the skin above and beneath them strengthens the skin barrier and locks in moisture.

To make things even better, the gentle massage movement you use during application and the nutrients in most moisturizing products promote hair growth and make your brows look brighter, smoother, and sleeker.

Use Makeup

Another way to achieve the ultimate eyebrow glow-up is to use makeup. A little makeup can go a long way! If you feel like your brows could use some extra oomph, give brow gel and pencils a try. You can use these products to fill in sparse areas, darken the brows, or give them a new shape entirely.

If you use brow makeup, remember to apply it gently and to always wash it off at the end of the day, or you could inadvertently irritate or damage the brow hairs.

Give a Treatment a Try

If you’re seeking a more permanent change than makeup can provide, head to a salon and give a brow treatment a try! If you want to darken your brows or to go bold with a pop of color, a brow tint or henna treatment can help. Want darker, thicker brows and a new brow shape? Microblading could be the right option for you.

Most treatment sessions take roughly an hour from start to finish. But despite the treatments going by in a flash, the results they produce are impressively long lasting. A brow tint can last months, while a more intensive treatment such as microblading creates dark, full, and stunning brows that last up to three years.

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