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How Aloe Vera Helps Soothe Burns

Burns, whether from the sun or from a hot object, can be miserable. The recovery time can be debilitating, and it can be difficult to sleep if you’ve got a bad sunburn. Many find that coating a burn in aloe vera gel can reduce the pain of a burn and speed the healing process.

What Aloe Vera Does

Aloe is very high in Vitamin E and is full of antioxidants, carrying away the free radicals formed when your skin is damaged. Burns, including sunburns, can lead to blistering and scarring. Aloe vera gel protects against infection thanks to its antibacterial properties, and it adds moisture, which can reduce the risk of scars. Blister formation is an indicator of a second-degree burn. Third-degree burns are more severe and result in symptoms that should be treated by a doctor. If your burn looks charred, you likely have a third-degree burn and should see a physician before you put anything on your burn.

How to Apply It

The simplest way to apply pure aloe directly is to grow it. Cut a meaty leaf off of the plant, and cut it open. Once open, wash the flesh of the plant. Squeeze the fleshy part of the leaf to get the juice out of the plant, and apply it evenly over your burn. Do this twice daily, and don’t cover the burn if you can avoid it. Moisture and darkness can give bacteria a great chance to spread under the bandage.

How to Find the Best Aloe Vera

If you choose to buy bottled aloe gel, make sure to avoid any products that have fragrance added or those that contain alcohol. Adding alcohol to a burn is effective in the beginning because it cools the injury as the alcohol evaporates. Alcohol also has antibacterial properties. However, alcohol can be very drying and may lead to even more skin damage instead of healing. In addition, aloe can occasionally cause an allergic reaction. If you’ve never used aloe before, test a bit of it on healthy skin before applying it to a burn. The additives in your bottle of aloe may also cause an allergic reaction, so try to purchase gel with as few additives as possible, a high concentration of aloe in the blend, and no dyes, fragrances, alcohol, or wax products in the gel.

Aloe has been treating skin damage for a long time and is a great natural skin care remedy. The ancient Egyptians used it for internal and external medicine, and the Greeks used it for wound care and baldness. It’s not hard to grow if you don’t over-water it, so find a bright window, and grow your own burn medicine.


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