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How to Highlight with Makeup and Other Items for Beauty Lovers

These products are amazing! I tried and love each of them.

The one I want to focus on the most is the highlighter makeup and how to use it.

I also listed some similar items to the ones I am using. I hope you enjoy this post. After the list of products, I will explain how to properly highlight with your makeup so you can always be on fleek!



How to Apply Highlighter Based on the Glow You Want:

So highlighter is just a great tool to make your skin look more natural, more glowing, kind of like that candlelight effect if you’re at a romantic dinner. So on the cheekbones, on the brow bone, above the eyebrow, down the nose, and my favorite, right on the bow of the lip.

Watch this video which explains it perfectly:

Full Room

Written by Kaitlyn M.

Fashion is my passion and art is my heart. I love all that glitters and shines bright like a diamond. My goal is to motivate others to be their best and I love showing people the lighter side of things. You only live once and I want to live my life doing what I love which is writing and creating. Thanks for following my blog and let’s connect on social media: @KayBethStyle

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