Best place to find handmade jewelry supplies

Today we are sharing a site with info about our favorite place to find handmade jewelry supplies for handcrafted jewelry design ideas and inspiration.

When creating unique one-of-a-kind jewelry, you should know about the top most affordable and most helpful site for handmade jewelry design ideas.

Our personal favorite mega shop for all things related to unique handmade jewelry design ideas, in-depth tutorials, and majorly discounted beads, jewelry making findings, jewelry design lessons, and inspiration from other designers, you should definitely check out Fire Mountain Gems & Beads.

Throughout this article, we added screenshots of the best site for handmade jewelry supplies.

If the site for Fire Mountain Gems seems too overwhelming with all of its many offerings for handmade jewelry making tools and supplies, try searching the wide variety of products in the search bar for exactly what you are seeking. Or you can check out the sale or clearance items by clicking on the banners on the main page.

Here is the site:

There are always sales and items on clearance every time we go there for more jewelry making supplies, beads, and findings. You can sign up for an account and get more benefits. There is also an affiliate program that you can join to earn money for promoting Fire Mountain Gems. Become a Fire Mountain Gems Affiliate

Fire Mountain Gems also has a lot to offer by having jewelry design ideas with instructions ranging from simple to difficult  jewelry designs.

Below are some images of Fire Mountain Gems & Beads website with images of sales, special promotions, beads, and some of the many things they offer for handmade jewelry designers:












So, now that you know about Fire Mountain Gems, you definitely should take advantage of their wholesale prices, helpful tutorials, and basically every type of beads, charms, findings, and other supplies that will help you make the best designs you have every seen. The shipping charge is only 5 bucks so you might want to add many items since you get such a great deal. Also, one more great thing about Fire Mountain Gems is they usually send a free gift with your order. I get one pretty much every time and its usually something useful.


I am not promoting this because I am an affiliate or in a paid program, I am simply sharing this for you to have a better place to go for jewelry making supplies and make a personal testimonial since I have been a happy customer for over 10 years.



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