Beauty Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer & Faster

I’m sure most women have wondered and are still wondering how in the world do they get their hair to grow and get longer. You hair already might be growing but wouldn’t it be great to grow hair a lot faster and longer than you currently are?

The tips in this video by MissTiffanyMa on are very helpful in showing you ways to grow your hair faster without so much confusion.

As you may already be aware, Argan Oil, Keratin Oil, Coconut Oil, and other essential oils are all the rage. I have tried most myself. One that I’m using right now is a Collagen and Biotin infused shampoo.

You can find this in brand name or generic at Wal Mart in the Equate version. It will be in 2 large pump bottles and will say Equate Biotin and Collagen shampoo and conditioner. They were on sale today for $5.99 each for the Equate brand. The other brand is only a little more.

The shampoo and conditioner mentioned above showed me working results with just one use! My long-ish hair was easier to comb with no tangles and my hair appears healthier at the tips where split ends happen often.

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Beauty Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer & FasterBeauty Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer & Faster

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