Gearing Up for Winter: Choosing the Right Clothing for the Snowy Months

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If your goal is to keep warm and stay stylish, there are plenty of options for winter wear. From head to toe, you can both stay protected from the cold and from risks of slipping. To stay both comfy and safe, consider the options listed below.


Fall 2019 has plenty of options for a warm coat with plenty of flair. From feathers and ruffles to androgynous suits, if your region has winter challenges, you can find a coat to keep you warm. Neck ribbons, bows, and scarves are also a great option for the winter of 2019-2020, so you’ll have the option to keep those pulse points covered and protect yourself from a chilly breeze. Finally, knits are featured this fall, so oversized sweaters and turtlenecks offer wearers the chance to cuddle up with a cup of tea, look great and stay warm.


If your commute includes any walking outdoors, make sure to invest in footwear that protects you from a dangerous tumble. For those who have to function where ice and snow are a risk, work to find a simple low-heeled boot to use outdoors. Not only will you be safer, but you lessen the risk of ruining your favorite shoes with snow, salt or a de-icing chemical. If they’re leather, make sure to condition them properly and wipe them down immediately when you get indoors. Keep an eye on the tread for wear and consider getting them re-soled before the next winter so you can keep your footing when the sidewalks and streets get bad. There are certain groups more at risk for slip and fall injuries, so it’s important that your shoes or boots have a nice traction on them. Finally, when you find quality winter boots that keep your feet warm and dry, consider getting them re-dyed at the end of winter so they look great when the snow flies next fall.


A cozy hat is a great addition to any outfit on a cold day. As you go throughout your daily activities, a hat can keep both your head and your ears warm. Without a hat, body heat can escape through your head and leave you feeling chilly. Hats can help to trap this heat so that your whole body can remain warm when it’s cold outside. If it’s snowing, hats can also keep snow from falling on your head and making you wet and even colder.
Winter doesn’t have to be a time when you give up your sense of fashion. Winter clothes can be both stylish and safe. Invest in footwear with great tread and keep your ankles covered on the coldest days. Suiting with some room can allow space for tights when the cold winds blow.

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