Boyfriend's Bathroom

You Found These Items in Your Boyfriend’s Bathroom, Don’t Worry

You Found These Items in Your Boyfriend’s Bathroom, Don’t Worry

Some Honest Insight about Items in Your Boyfriend’s Bathroom

Let’s face it, personal bathrooms are just that, personal; what you find in there can tell you a lot about the person you’re dating. You can tell how clean they are by how dirty their sink/toilet/shower is or by if their towels are just thrown on the floor. But what about those items that you weren’t expecting to find in there? If you found some items that surprised you in your boyfriend’s bathroom, don’t immediately start to panic. Guys should be allowed to take care of themselves too. Here are some items you might have come across, and why it’s perfectly ok that your boyfriend has them in his bathroom.

Boyfriend's Bathroom

Waxing Strips

At first seeing waxing strips in your boyfriend’s bathroom might confuse you. But think about it. Manscaping is a term for a reason. Whether it’s for eyebrows, the back or whatever area your guy finds to be an issue, waxing isn’t a gender exclusive practice. Everyone wants to look their best, both for themself and for whoever they’re seeing, and taking care of stray hairs can help anyone achieve that. As you well know, getting waxed can be expensive so taking care of stray hairs at home becomes an easy alternative.

Cold Sore Treatment

Yes cold sores are contagious, but do not jump to the place where you start freaking out. Cold sores should not be a relationship deal breaker for a few reasons. First remember that cold sores are extremely common; one in four people have them. Next remember that you only need to be concerned when his cold sore flare’s up, but you’ll be able to see it so you’ll know. If you’re concerned, stay calm, do your research and have a conversation about it.

Baby Wipes

Just because this product is labeled and sold as a something for babies, does not mean that adults cannot use them too. Having baby wipes does not mean that your boyfriend has a kid that he was hiding from you. There are plenty of other common uses for baby wipes outside of the bathroom, but adults do use them in the bathroom too. Some say it is actually healthier for adults to use baby wipes instead of toilet paper.

Boyfriend's Bathroom

ED Medication

You walk into the bathroom and see a prescription, natural curiosity takes over and you check it out only to see the name of a drug you probably won’t recognize. Sildenafil is one of the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction and finding this medication should not cause you to worry. In fact, erectile dysfunction is very common in men with a quarter of men under 40 experiencing some form of it. Instead of worrying, do some research. Having E.D. doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your man, and he’s doing what he can to take care of it.


Seeing hairspray in your boyfriend’s bathroom may cause you to do a double take. You may even think: Did an old girlfriend leave it? But it’s actually super normal for guys to use hairspray. Again, while it may be promoted as a women’s product, hairspray is not gender exclusive. Used in small amounts, it allows guys to have more control over how their hair looks. Plus it can be used for a variety of other things, like to remove certain stains and remover fur. And who doesn’t love and appreciate a good hair day?

Boyfriend's Bathroom

So…no worries now on what you found in your boyfriend’s bathroom?

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