How to Find Natural Beauty in Modern America

In America these days, more and more people are living in urban and suburban spaces, far away from the peace and beauty of nature. While many would like to find a way to enjoy a quiet moment away from the metropolises and highways, people have begun to imagine that pristine nature is out of reach in the modern world. Well, that’s not so. We’ll discuss how you can find your own piece of nature in America today.

Yes, it Still Exists

Across the 50 states of America, there are 60 national parks in addition to over 350 other spectacular, natural protected areas, all maintained by the U.S. National Park Service. (Source) Some of these you’ve undoubtedly heard of, like the Grand Canyon, Everglades, Yellowstone, and Yosemite. Deep inside these spaces you’ll find oases, away from the chatter of touristy spaces, away from the ceaseless thrum of the roads, away from any reminders of the new world as you’re surrounded by the old.

But You’ll Need to Work for It

It’s not enough to simply pass through the entrance gate to the nearest park. Many of the more popular spots have ended up commercialized and overrun by visitors. To find the true beauty of your personal oasis, you may have to take up hiking. A few of the state parks even have extended trails that lead deep into the woods to hidden waterfalls. (Source)

A Rewarding Journey

Just a couple hours outside one of America’s most famous cities, the Grand Canyon National Park boasts of one of the most incredible hidden treasures tucked away today. The jaw-dropping beauty of Havasu Falls requires an overnight hiking trip into the deep embrace of the world’s most famous geological time capsule. (Source)

On the other side of the country, in Florida’s Everglades National Park, you have the opportunity to boat out to chickees, elevated platforms stuck in the middle of the water. There, far from even land itself, you can camp and take in the wildness of nature.

Up north, in Maine’s Acadia National Park, you can hike your way out to Schoodic Point. This spot isn’t quite as hard to reach as the others, and you can even do much of the trip in a car along a one-way road. But once you reach the tip of the peninsula, you get unmatched views of mountains and pounding surf. (Source)

In every state across the union you’ll find incredible natural beauty. With just a weekend and perhaps a little hiking, you can access some of the nearly forgotten treasures of America. Just make sure to always be responsible and respectful of the beautiful land you travel on.

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