Feeling Depleted? Try these 3 Easy Steps

Feeling Depleted? Time to Ditch, Delegate and Delete

What bothers you today might not have ever bothered you before and vice versa, and it all depends on where you are in life at a given moment. In order to maintain good mental health, it’s good to be in tune with your feelings, always carefully listening to what your inner self is telling you, and taking its advice. Today we discuss a few things that are modern downers yet don’t need to be, especially if you set your priorities straight and know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t, be it romantically in biker dating, professionally, in your relationship with your close friends etc.

#1: Ditch the Social Media

Ditch the social media as much as you can. It’s one of those little, everyday things that can suck your self-confidence right out of you. Your high school friends still hanging out and you being the only one who’s left out of the group, your secret crush announcing his girlfriend is pregnant, your work nemesis celebrating a promotion, or completely and totally random people you’ve never even met having something you don’t are all those things that have no business being on your screen.

You met a hot guy a few weeks ago and discovered he’s into the wrong things? Delete him. Your random search on a gloomy Monday afternoon through your friend’s friends list led you to a profile of an incredibly cute girl who seems to have it all, understandably putting a dent in your self-esteem? Stop wasting your time on other people’s lives and focus on building and enjoying your own, even if it means deleting your Facebook or Instagram accounts for good.

#2: Delegate Meaningless Tasks

We all have different tasks that we find meaningless. Lots of women can’t stand repetitive housework, such as cleaning or ironing because it takes forever to do, the effects of it are visible only for a short time, and it’s repetitive to no end.

Talk to your partner and try to divide housework so that you get to do different things from time to time or not even do the things you hate (a sink full of dishes comes to mind). If it’s a work situation, practice delegating tasks that take away your focus from the important stuff to other people who’re equally capable of completing them or talk to your boss about decreasing your load if delegating is not really an option, as long as at the end of the day you have more room to breathe.

#3: Delete the Buzz-Kill

There are so many energy vampires out there that it’s nearly impossible to avoid them all, and sometimes you absolutely have to face them at your father’s birthday party, a work event, or at your kid’s school.

What you don’t have to do is voluntarily choose to be near them, in the offline or the online world. If you can’t delete or cross off a buzz-kill at the office, you sure can delete them on Facebook so their posts, likes or comments don’t annoy or disturb you for no reason. Your ex has a new squeeze and is leaving hearts all over her profile? Block them. Your brother’s wife seems to be spending too much of your family money on lavish vacations and pricey dinners? Discreetly un-follow her. Help yourself maintain your inner peace and happiness by doing the little things that don’t mean the end of the world, but still mean you get to keep smiling until you’re blue in the face.

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