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Feeling Down? 3 Ways You Can Feel Happier

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The stress and anxiety of everyday life can often overwhelm you. And it’s often hard to find happiness in all the hustle and bustle. But it’s important that you find ways to bring happiness back into your life. If you’re feeling down, here are 3 ways you can feel happier.

Reach Out to Friends

One thing to do when you’re feeling down is to reach out to your support system. Your friends and family love you and are there to help you feel better about whatever is happening in your life. If there is some work or relationship issue bothering you, your friends can give you the advice you need to make you feel better about things and give you a way to move forward. But the benefits of reaching out to friends don’t stop there. It’s been proven that friendships improve your health, reduce depression, and help us feel more optimistic about our lives. When stress or anxiety makes you feel like you’re drowning, your lifeline is all of the friends who care for you.

Practice Gratitude

Happiness is often thought of an action, and the way to practice happiness is through gratitude. When you act on gratitude, you activate the parts of your brain that are responsible for joy and happiness. And the more you practice gratitude, the more your brain will be predisposed towards happiness. There are a variety of ways to practice gratitude; it’s just a matter of finding one way you feel comfortable doing regularly. You can try writing exercises where you right down all of the things you feel gratitude for or create a gratitude mantra that you repeat throughout the day.

Exercise Regularly

Another way to help yourself feel happier is to exercise frequently and consistently. While it may be difficult at first to pump yourself to actually workout, the benefits you receive are well worth the effort. For one, it’s been proven that exercise increases the level dopamine in the brain. That’s important because dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps the brain feel happiness and pleasure. Exercise can also help lower stress levels and increase your energy levels. The mood boost you get from exercise can leave you feeling happier with yourself and your body. To help you get going, try setting up exercise dates with friends, either visiting the gym, going for a walk or run, or even playing a game of softball or soccer! There are limitless ways you can get yourself moving.

Happiness is something that you do have to control over. By strengthening your relationships, practicing gratitude, and working exercise into your routine, you can increase the happiness in your life.

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