Rules For Fashionable Women

Rules For Fashionable Women

“Style is when they are running you out of town and you make it look like you are leading the parade.” –William Battie

Style: because personality is not the first thing people to see.

Style is a great avenue for speaking when words are rendered useless. It is our innate voice by which we communicate with an ensemble of clothes. Seeing as style is considered a form of communication, it is best that you choose your words well. In this regard, it would be imperative for you to possess great style. But what is great style, really? By now, you may have read countless online fashion articles that purvey advices—each of them different from the last, but when it comes to your style, it seems like you have hit a roadblock. Well, perhaps following the rules perpetually stylish women will help you address this issue.

Here are some of the rules by which they unfailingly follow inorder to possess a great sense of style:

1.) Clothing is a form of communication

Much like what was said in the beginning of this article, clothing is a form of communication. It is an avenue for conveying your thoughts without actually having to speak and in a sense, it is a form of self-expression. Your outfit is not merely an assemblage of clothes by which you use to cover yourself. Apart from having certain aesthetic appeal, it is a good indicator of your personality as well. What you wear says something to the people around you—regardless of whether you intend to or not. So, whether your clothes are largely wholesale lrg or something else, make sure you are communicating an appropriate message.

2.) What you wear is a response to social situations

Whether you admit it or not, there is a reason why you want to wear a specific outfit to work or when you want to go clubbing at night. Much like how clothing is used to communicate some of your ideas, it also functions as a way for you to response to social situations. In this regard, your outfits should say that they are ready for anything that is coming your way should you ever be in any social event.

3.) Fit is paramount to great style

Regardless of whether what you are wearing comes from a thrift shop or a designer label, if it is ill-fitting, chances are you are hardly going to look good in it. When it comes to looking great, a particular clothing’s fit is important. So ensure that your clothes do not fit you too tight or too lose, but just right. With this in consideration, getting a professional tailor is probably the best investment you will ever make when it comes to having great style. Furthermore, it is imperative that you accept the body you have now in order for you wear clothes that do fit. More often than not, women make the mistake of wearing ill-fitting clothes because they reject the body they have. If you know and accept your body, you would then be able to determine which clothes look best on you.

4.) Dress for yourself and for your audience

While it cannot be stressed enough that you should dress largely as a form of self-expression, this does not mean you should disregard the setting you are expected to be in as well. Some outfits have a place and time to be worn and you should be mindful of that. You may have wanted to wear that new bandage dress with the plunging neckline to work, but that is not going to win you any favors—either from your colleagues or your superiors. Instead, wear something that is appropriate for the kind of situation you know you are going to be in.

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