Fashion 101 – The Basics of Fashion & Style

Fashion 101 – The Basics of Fashion


Fashion is a long-standing phenomenon that has been raised worldwide in all human societies. People all over the world have a great need to cover with apparel and makeup to look good. Fashion today has importance felt in many nations.

Fashion can be named in two groups: A group that follows the fashion trends and the other group that follows the statements of fashion and style for others to look at them. It can also spread to different groups of people who rarely have something to do with fashion trends, but follow your own style to create your own unique personality through haute couture and style. You will be adding more style to the fashion world. The fashion trends are something that style stars can’t live without. It is your lifeline to what is hip, cool, fresh and savage.


Fashion Tips You Need To Know 

Try To Have A Timeless Approach To Fashion

When it comes to fashion, we all like a good trend. It is good to have something fresh and exciting to season the wardrobe. But nothing goes beyond timeless style. The charm of a perfect neckline or simple elegant pearls can be on trend in any season, but very well used in everyday real life.
Trust In The Little Black Dress

Whether you opt for a chic black look from head to toe or decide to add a touch of color to your little black dress, know that the LBD is a look that is always appealing and simple. Also new ideas, such as wearing naked shoes or adding a leather jacket, can help enhance and adorn their appearance.

If all you can afford in your wardrobe is a little black dress, it is the only asset that you can take almost anywhere and there are many ways to embellish as well as dress it up or down.
Develop Your Own Sense Of Personal Style

As we’ve already said, trends come and go, but that means you cannot, or should not stick to what you always thought was best for your shape or age, etc in trying to be on point with trends as well as reinventing your whole look for a refreshing burst of creativity and newness. Fashion fades and style is what is eternal. Concentrate on the cuts you like, it makes you feel better and look better even when it is not in fashion. Your personal style is an extension of your personality, so let it shine!

Dress For Your Body Type

If you are tall or curvy, petite, boyish or blessed with curves, dressing in a way that flatters your specific body type always make you feel more confident and beautiful. Taller women should wear longer pants for long legs and longer length tops for long torsos which is sometimes hard to find. Everyone is so unique but there are many choices nowadays for plus size, big, tall, petite, etc… while smaller women, by wanting to avoid being swallowed or overpowered by what they wear, should wear straighter lengthening silhouettes and skirts and no skirts that fall to the floor past the feet. The hourglass shaped ladies should embrace garments such as bodycon dresses and corset tops to enhance curves hugging the silhouette to show their lovely shape.
Always Dress For The Occasion

Have you received a party invitation that says it requires a cocktail dress? Maybe you have been invited to a black-tie affair. Whatever the occasion, the occasion calls for a particular outfit and most of us are intimidated when it comes to choosing the right look. If you are not sure, ask the host, the hostess, consult an elegant friend who knows about social events, or perhaps a modern etiquette book.


Fashion is my passion and art is my heart. I love all that glitters and shines bright like a diamond. My goal is to motivate others to be their best and I love showing people the lighter side of things. You only live once and I want to live my life doing what I love which is writing and creating. Thanks for following my blog and let’s connect on social media: @KayBethStyle

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