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Fashion Bloggers Top Tools for More Traffic

Top Tools for More Traffic for Fashion Bloggers and everyone else:

Are you a fashion or style blogger  like me or do you need more real traffic for other reasons? If so, read on to learn about some tools I use for more web traffic.

  1. – the best cheapest high quality traffic with affordable monthly pricing. It’s important to have traffic on your site. Make sure to buy the appropriate traffic for your site whether it is targeted to a certain category and  specific country like USA or worldwide.
  2. – This one has tons of features that allow you to target your audience. Target your audience using hashtags and follows. This unique program online is a great start for getting more likes, follows, comments and more in an automated way. Upgrade later to a better premium service once you are more established with your accounts and followers.
  3. – great to give new Instagram users a quick follower or like boost. This method is often not the best approach for the long term but if you really need that quick traffic boost from followers on your social media and need to get more authority online, using this once or twice will be okay. Just make sure to like other posts and follow relevant users to get more organic traffic too. Tag brands and other related content accounts for greatest success.
  4. Google Adsense is very helpful for people who blog to earn money through monetization of their site. Google displays ads that are relevant to your keywords and content. Although the signup process has a lot of rules and guidelines, it is so worth trying it out. Make sure to read their usage guidelines first. You must have quite a few posts and some active traffic to be considered for using this feature.


Fashion is my passion and art is my heart. I love all that glitters and shines bright like a diamond. My goal is to motivate others to be their best and I love showing people the lighter side of things. You only live once and I want to live my life doing what I love which is writing and creating. Thanks for following my blog and let’s connect on social media: @KayBethStyle

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