Common Laundry Mistakes You Could Be Making

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When you think of having an enjoyable time, doing your laundry probably doesn’t come to your mind. However, washing, drying, and folding your clothing is vital, and you should try to do the best job you can with these tasks. Explore the common laundry mistakes you could be making to avoid them in the future.

Using Too Much or Too Little Detergent

While you want to make sure your clothes come out clean, using excessive amounts of detergent has adverse effects. The extra detergent can leave stains and marks on clothing, cause foul odors. It can also wear down your washing machine. However, you shouldn’t use too little either, as your clothes won’t come out clean.

Consider factors, such as how soiled the garments are, the size of the load, and your level of water hardness, to figure out the proper amount of detergent to use. Pay attention to the instructions that come with your preferred brand to make the correct decision.

Forgetting To Zip Up

It’s easy to forget about the various zippers on clothing items like jeans and jackets. However, when you leave them unzipped, they can snag on other clothes in your washer and dryer, causing rips and tears. You can prevent this by simply zipping everything all the way up before throwing it in the wash.

Keeping Buttons Fastened

Unlike zippered items, you should unbutton button-down shirts, including the collars and sleeves. The reason for doing this is that leaving them fastened could strain buttons and buttonholes, causing them to pop off prematurely.

Trying To Aggressively Treat Stains

When you scrub at heavy stains aggressively while treating them, you risk ruining your clothing and making the marks worse. Instead, work from the outside in with soft and systematic dabbing strokes. Also, when you see staining, you should act as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of success.

Keeping Your Appliances Around Too Long

Occasionally, your appliances will break down, and you’ll need to make some critical decisions to ensure you can continue to clean your clothes effectively. For example, you may need to repair or replace your dryer depending on various factors, such as its age and the type of malfunction it’s experiencing. Otherwise, you risk having further complications. Typically, it’s more efficient and cost effective to replace machines with contemporary counterparts that feature energy-saving and more durable components.

Knowing the common laundry mistakes you could be making will help you practice better routines and get the most out of washing and drying your clothing. With a few simple changes, you can preserve your wardrobe and better protect your appliances from wear and tear.

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