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Makeup with Art Supplies Challenge

Makeup Challenge with Art Supplies   Everything MissTiffanyMa on Youtube is about to apply to her face is not makeup at all. It’s actually art supplies from Micheals. She is doing an internet challenge, There are so many internet and youtube challenges online all the time. People have done crazy things like inhaling cinnamon as a challenge […]

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Soul Music Video

Sound Is Style Music Video of the Day-Back to Life by Soul II Soul

Back to Life by Soul II Soul Music Video EDM/Electronica/Drum N Bass The video I posted here is Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Zikomo Remix) originally posted by Sound Is Style on Youtube.       There is something I find special about electronica, trap, and EDM music. I love chill songs as […]

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Life Together

10 Ways to Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

10 WAYS I FEEL LIKE I HAVE MY LIFE TOGETHER This video was created and posted on Youtube by Carly Cristman. I am posting this video to help almost anyone who is trying to get their life straightened out feel like they some good pointers and tips to go by in reinventing themselves and their lives […]

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Hair Longer & Faster

Beauty Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer & Faster

I’m sure most women have wondered and are still wondering how in the world do they get their hair to grow and get longer. You hair already might be growing but wouldn’t it be great to grow hair a lot faster and longer than you currently are? The tips in this video by MissTiffanyMa on are […]

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Smokey Eyeliner

Beauty Tips – Smokey Eyeliner + Dark Lipstick Drugstore Makeup

Smokey Eyeliner + Dark Lips | Drugstore Makeup One thing I have recently seen at drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens are very dark colored lipstick and smokey eyes makeup kits.  Drug store makeup, believe it or not, works just as well as companies that sell cosmetics like Clinique, Lancome, MAC, and others that […]

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Trap Nation Music Video

Trap Nation Music Video of the Day- SlumberJack by Fracture

I love the trap music genre. I really enjoy the instrumentals with the haunting voices and chants and the way the beat drops and the drum and bass. I found out about trap music later in my twenties. I am now 29. I still listen to trap music even though I don’t have the lifestyle […]

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Intro to KBM Lifestyle Channel YouTube

KBM LIFESTYLE CHANNEL YOUTUBE   My name is Kaitlyn Beth Millet and I run this site, as a blogger, advertiser, artist, and marketer. I love what I do. My job as an internet entrepreneur has been great and this is what I always will do as long as I can because I enjoy it […]

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