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Awesome DIY Christmas Trees

Top List: Awesome DIY Christmas Trees

If you really want to find a more creative way to enjoy the holidays, then maybe you could try making some nice handmade home decor for this Christmas season in 2016. Christmas trees are very symbolic of Christmas holiday in the USA. Most Christmas trees are great, but a lot look the same or are […]

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DIy pastel goth

Top List : DIY Pastel Goth: 10 Easy Ways to Get the Look.

Have enough ever wanted to have a pastel goth look but the fashion accessories and goth clothing in stores might be a bit expensive or not in good taste to you? There are plenty of Do-it-yourself tutorials and ideas online to create your own DIY pastel goth fashion. Here are a few DIY pastel goth […]

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DIY Perfume

Top List: Making Scents: Smell Great with these 10 DIY Perfume Recipes

Here is a list of ways to make your own DIY perfume! Use these ideas to create your very own perfumes, sprays, and sweet smelling fragrances. What a great gift this would be to someone special! Maybe your mom? Maybe make one for your significant other, or make them yourself for just you so you […]

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Popular Clothing Brands

Top List: Most Popular Clothing Brands In The World

Top List at Haute Topix Blog: Most Popular Clothing Brands In The World   A fabulous list of top clothing brands by top fashion designers in the world. See if you own anything from these awesome stylish top popular clothing brands. You can also envy them and wait til you are rich and get all […]

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