Betsey Johnson Sea Life

Betsey Johnson Sea Life by kaybethstyle featuring a betsey johnson makeup bagBetsey johnson sandals Betsey Johnson pearl bangle Betsey Johnson hinged bangle Betsey Johnson charm bangle Betsey Johnson fish earrings Betsey Johnson crystal stud earrings Betsey Johnson earring charm Betsey johnson makeup bag

The 5 Best Shoes to Own

5 TYPES OF SHOES EVERY FASHIONISTA SHOULD OWN Everyday is a fashion show and the world is a runway. Walking all over the world and being the torchlight is impossible if you aren’t wearing the right pair of shoes. As Marilyn Monroe says, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”.... Continue Reading →

How to pull off Pajama Shirt Trend 2017

Here’s How You can Update Your Style with the Hottest Pajama Shirt Fashion Trend   Sleepwear is the absolute best; comfortable, cozy, easygoing, don’t you just wish you could wear them out without breaking any fashion rules? Well, now you can. The pajama shirt fashion trend is here and it is here to stay. Every... Continue Reading →

Pretty in Pink #1

Pretty in Pink #1 by kaybethstyle featuring pink handbags Sheer dress Sidewalk chunky-heel boots Pink handbag $37 - LC Lauren Conrad flower ring Kate Spade tech accessory Armitage Avenue pom pom key chain Lime crime lipstick

Juicy Couture Blues

Juicy Couture Blues by kaybethstyle featuring rainbow jewelry Juicy Couture flare sleeve dress $175 - Juicy Couture green flat shoes Juicy Couture wristlet clutch Juicy Couture rainbow jewelry Juicy Couture uv protection glasses Juicy Couture accessory $24 -

Pretty Little Thing Review

Check Out This Pretty Little Thing Review     Go to Pretty Little Thing USA Shop Pretty Little Thing ventured its online flagship store in 2012 with the sole aim to produce and bring affordable yet chic, sassy and fast fashion to consumers worldwide. Umar Kayani, founder of Pretty Little Thing has been able to... Continue Reading →

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