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    How to Avoid Toxic Relationships

    How to Avoid Toxic Relationships Recognizing and characterizing a relationship as toxic is not always easy. They come in all shapes and sizes and are often very well disguised, at least in the beginning. However, any self-respected woman knows that once a toxic relationship rears its ugly head, be it in BBW dating, at home […] More

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    How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

    How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work It doesn’t really matter if you’re a young person who’s dating someone their age, or if you’re older and dating someone from the senior dating niche, the rules of a long distance relationship are the same for everyone. As you probably know, this particular type of arrangement […] More

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    Music Special: Love Making Playlist

    A love making playlist depends greatly on how long you’ve been with someone, in addition to your taste in music. This particular playlist we’ve put together has new relationships in mind where partners are still going to great lengths to impress one another, and create as many unforgettable experiences together as possible. The below tunes […] More