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Walls & Pillars Design

Ways to Make Use of the Walls and Pillars on Your Condo Unit

Ways to Make Use of the Walls and Pillars on Your Condo Unit “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” Juan Montoya Make your place more designated to other ideas of decorating and create your ways to occupy it. This is possible […]

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Match Flooring

Amazing Ways To Match Flooring With The Overall Home Decor

Amazing Ways to Match Flooring with the Overall Home Décor When it comes to home decoration; there are a lot of factors that one should look into before opening up the wallet. Chances are that you might end up spending more than you should if there will be lack of proper planning as home décor […]

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Awesome DIY Christmas Trees

Top List: Awesome DIY Christmas Trees

If you really want to find a more creative way to enjoy the holidays, then maybe you could try making some nice handmade home decor for this Christmas season in 2016. Christmas trees are very symbolic of Christmas holiday in the USA. Most Christmas trees are great, but a lot look the same or are […]

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Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Eclectic Interior Design Ideas for a Unique Home

Today I will be sharing some eclectic interior design ideas and styling tips for your cool and hip home. To pull off the creative and fun eclectic interior design style, follow these tips and tricks I found across the web and also found from my own experience as my style of design is eclectic.   […]

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