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    Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner by Renpure Review

    A Review of Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner by Renpure I have tried many different argan oil products and here is my Renpure Review.  This is my go-to easy fix for problem frizzy and unmanageable dull hair. With this hair care duo, I, and you, also can enjoy beautiful, luxuriously, soft and manageable hair. This product […] More

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    5 Best Ways To Protect Your Hair [Heat Damage]

    5 BEST WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR HAIR [HEAT DAMAGE] With all of the hot styling tools most people, especially women, use today there is always those times when you burn or frizz out your hair. This can be devastating to your hair healthy and is caused by using the wrong tools and not enough product […] More

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    Review of Amino Mason by Cosmeist

    Review of Amino Mason by Cosmeist by Kaitlyn Millet An honest review of Amino Mason: Amino Mason by Cosmeist is such an innovative and high quality whip cream hair shampoo and milk cream hair conditioner. It is made in Japan and features many benefits to strengthen and repair your hair. I love these products! They […] More

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    Beauty Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer & Faster

    I’m sure most women have wondered and are still wondering how in the world do they get their hair to grow and get longer. You hair already might be growing but wouldn’t it be great to grow hair a lot faster and longer than you currently are? The tips in this video by MissTiffanyMa on are […] More