black gold and white diamond rings

Black Gold and White Diamond Rings

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So now you are getting married and this is the point where you may discuss your engagement ring with your lover…but you do not want platinum, white gold, or yellow gold engagement ring. The idea of a white diamond is still safer and more tradition for you but as the woman with a darker side……how about a black gold band? You can even have a black diamond too, although this will not look anything like an engagement ring. Stick with the white diamond since it has a richer and broader appeal, It is versatile for dressing and contrasts the black band, and lastly, it is usually more valuable than a black diamond. Scroll down for gorgeous black gold and white diamond rings.

black gold and white diamond rings

White diamond(s) with a black band is also a great way to compliment your significant other’s style of dress if they prefer darker or subtle clothing. Black is also a sexy color and reminds you of your true self and how you are different and prefer darker things over plain things or tradition.

black gold and white diamond rings



Black gold and white Diamonds engagement rings are so beautiful in the way they contrast greatly in color. It makes it perfectly simple for someone who always wants to match their style.


To express yourself and most importantly, to be pleased completely with your engagement ring and band, don’t be afraid to think outside the box for creating a special and one-of-a-kind ring. Express your desire for the black gold and white diamond for your new ring and let your spouse find one you will surely love that he picks out especially for you.



You can even use other gemstones in the design. You can easily find loose stones that are authentic by carefully researching and comparing them on sites such as eBay or even Amazon.  Search for loose gemstones on google as well.




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