The Best Trendy Sexiest Plus Size Apparel Brands

5 Trendy Sexiest Plus Size Apparel Brands that are taking over 2017

Plus Size fashion has truly evolved over the years. Gone are the days when finding the perfect outfit for a woman with curves was a challenge because now, more and more brands are becoming more size-inclusive and creating designs that are unique, trendy, and fashionable. Let’s take a look at some notable plus size designer brands who are changing the outlook of the modern fashionable woman one dress at a time.

Rue 107

If you are someone who loves to make a style statement, then Rue 107 is your one-stop shop. Created by Haitian designer Marie Jean Baptiste, Rue 107 is a brand that embodies Creole culture and fashion. From fun swimwear to striking prints and flirty cuts, Rue 107 is a size-inclusive brand that manufactures its pieces in NYC’s garment district and offers a sizes ranging from 2 to 24. The brand has made a name for itself by dressing many celebrities including the iconic, Beyonce and the inspiring, Serena Williams.


If there is one brand that inspires women to flaunt their sexy self regardless of their size, it is Jibri. Renowned for their extravagant silhouettes, vibrant colors, statement prints and unabashed excessive use of sparkling sequins, Jibri offers clothing that will make you look and feel like a diva. The brainchild of designer Jasmine Elder, Jibri is not for those who like minimalism because this brand is here to make sure you turn heads wherever you go.


A popular recent brand with a huge online following, Missguided started off as a brand that set the new trend of shabby chic outfits. Around two years back, this London based brand branched out and introduced Missguided+ to cater to women with curves. Trendy, chic, and comfortable, Missguided is famous for its risqué yet mod style. Available in sizes 12 to 20, there is something for everyone.

Boohoo Curve

Starting off as a small business in Machester, swiftly grew into one of the world’s largest international retailers thereby making its position permanent in the world of contemporary fashion. Famous for its affordable prices and edgy designs, Boohoo is an online retailer that recently launched a line that focuses primarily on plus size women labeled Boohoo Curve. Available till size 24, at Boohoo Curve, you will find everything ranging from cute dresses, edgy tops, knitwear, shoes, and accessories.

Zelie For She

Elann Zelie, the genius behind the fashion label Zelie for She, created the brand with one motive in mind: to change the game for plus size fashion. Plus size designs earned a reputation for being boring and basic. Zelie for She is a brand that is making a statement of its own with its bold cuts, vibrant hues, and striking prints. Offering designs till size 24, Zelie for She is everything but conventional. The collections normally revolve around themes and create pieces that cater to everyone’s personal style.

With their all-inclusive and modern approach towards fashion, these brands are revolutionizing the way the world perceives plus size fashion. Around the world.

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