Best Monetization WordPress Theme

Best Monetization WordPress Theme

Before I tell you more about the best monetization WordPress theme I have used, let me share how I decided to use this theme and what it did for me:

Before I used the Starmile Theme on my main blog, I was going through a few free WordPress themes from the theme search area.

These themes looked okay…they just did not have the features I needed to be successful with my blog,

So when I found out about the Starmile theme by Bring the Pixel developers, I quickly was able to achieve much more with just having the theme and Bring the Pixel plugins provided to make it look and function amazingly.

I was given many compliments for the attractiveness of my site.

I upgraded to the Bimber theme by Bring the Pixel after 2 years of using Starmile, however, if I was to choose any other theme to use, Starmile would be the one.

About Starmile:

It is an excellent theme for monetizing your blog and has really good MailChimp, Patreon, Instagram, Shopstyle, Rewardstyle, and other awesome integrations using plugins you can only get with this theme or from the developers at Bring the Pixel.

Overall, this theme is beautiful, has spectacular demos you can import, affiliate shopping and Woocommerce compatibility.

This is the theme you need if you want to go to the next level with your feminine blog or many other niches and have more ability to earn from it. View the best monetization WordPress theme! Good luck on your ventures!



Written by Kaitlyn M.

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