Makeup with Art Supplies Challenge

Makeup Challenge with Art Supplies


Everything MissTiffanyMa on Youtube is about to apply to her face is not makeup at all. It’s actually art supplies from Micheals. She is doing an internet challenge,

There are so many internet and youtube challenges online all the time. People have done crazy things like inhaling cinnamon as a challenge and also funny memes have been created like the Running Man Challenge.



Just search “challenge” on  search bar and you will find so many different and unique web challenge videos. Some are actually dangerous but the one I am posting is okay. She just may break out possibly.

I personally do not want to do any video challenges. I care too much about getting injured plus I would just rather see what happens to others before I try it. I care about well-being of myself as much as others.  But if they are going to do challenges that might be pretty risky, I can;t stop them.

Of course its fun to be competitive and have fun with your friends trying different crazy things.

Pics of internet challenges:

Makeup with Art Supplies Challenge
Cinnamon Challenge
Makeup with Art Supplies Challenge
Running Man Challenge
Makeup with Art Supplies Challenge
Bindfolded Makeup Challenge
Makeup with Art Supplies Challenge
Dollar Store Marker Makeup Challenge


But in conclusion, the makeup with art supplies challenge she did actually came out  pretty great. I wil be posting more videos like this with  more information about challenges and make up tips as well.


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