Are Boots Making a Comeback?

For centuries, people have worn boots for both practicality and style. In recent times, however, they have been less in favor. Now, it seems that boots are making a strong comeback and you’ll see everyone from carpenters to hikers to fashion models wearing them.

The Return to the Trades

As the economy continues to surge, more and more young people are finding employment in high-paying jobs in the construction industry and other trades. Many of these kinds of jobs require boots as part of their personal protective equipment. The young have realized that just because a job calls for boots, it doesn’t mean your footwear can’t look good. The style and diversity is greater than ever. What’s more, a lot of people who don’t need to wear boots at work simply like the look and feel of work boots.

This is part of the ongoing trend of boots entering the consumer’s mindset. As a result, there have been more work-style boots on the market, and they’re being sold to those who aren’t employed in a rugged occupation. They’re now worn by anyone who pursues an active lifestyle, spends time outdoors or merely lives in a harsh winter climate.

Making a Fashion Statement

If you don’t think boots are fashionable anymore, you’re obviously wrong. Go-go boots were recently seen on the red carpet again, and you can thank Louis Vuitton for that. He has fully incorporated them in his new line of clothing. Ralph Lauren has a line of boots as well, and Balenciaga is now designing boot-cut jeans to accommodate the changing times.

You can find a matching pair of boots for any outfit, purpose or mood. You can select some that lace up the front, zip up the back or pull straight on. They come in ankle-length or calf-length styles, with or without straps and in a wide assortment of heels. They can be sleek, or they can slouch. Needless to say, you can also choose any color you like.

Stylish Riding Boots

Riding boots sport a particular style long associated with a refined culture. The look is chic and sophisticated in that gentleman-farmer sort of way. It also recalls a bit of the military heritage from which they evolved. A pair of riding boots is a solid fashion accessory that is classic, elegant and timeless. They most commonly come in black or brown, and they can go with anything from jeans to dresses. You’ll make a stunning impression when wearing them, and no one will really expect you to have a horse.

Cowboy Boots Add Flair

Cowboy boots never really went away, but they’re much more prominent in fashion this year. They are an intrinsic part of our culture. Simply seeing them on someone’s feet brings a smile to many people’s faces. They’re a part of our tradition and a profound statement about the wearer’s personality. You don’t need to own a ranch or even listen to country music to sport cowboy boots, and they now come in an almost endless array of styles.

Yes, boots are back, and nothing enhances your appearance in quite the same way (although they’re just 1 of the 5 types of shoes every girl needs in her closet). The only question left is what kind you’d like to wear!

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