9 Shower Hacks to Help You Relax

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9 Shower Hacks That Can Help You Reduce Anxiety

Finding little ways to reduce anxiety on a daily basis can create a wonderful cumulative effect and make you feel better even if the feeling doesn’t last for more than 20 minutes or so. Your job, family, social and romantic life, especially if you’re into cougar dating and other such taxing activities, often lead to high levels of stress, but luckily those are still manageable and can be combated in the privacy of your own home or more precisely – in the shower! Below we present the top 9 shower hacks to lower anxiety and stress levels and start relaxing more and feeling happier as a result.

#1: Take a Long Bath

Taking a long bath in hot water filled with bath bombs is incredibly relaxing for both body and mind. Truth be told, not every house comes with a shower, but if yours does, soaking in the tub is a great relaxing technique.

#2: Hot Shower for a Sauna-Like Experience

You can create a sauna-like experience at home by taking a hot shower to relax your muscles. Dim down the lights, put on relaxing music and sooth the tension away that gets accumulated in your body, especially the shoulder and neck area.

#3: Cold Shower Boosts Circulation

A hot shower is not your circulation’s friend, but a cold one is. Even if you don’t have much time, a quick cold shower can increase circulation all over the body, helping you feel more energized and alert.

#4: Use Essential Oils

Aromatherapy essential oils based on calming scents, such as lavender, can help reduce anxiety and calm your nerves. You can distribute the scent using a diffuser throughout the entire bathroom or put 10-15 drops of oil into a cotton ball and place it somewhere on the floor where it won’t get wet.

#5: Put on Some Music

While many people use taking a shower as their quiet time, this can also be a great opportunity to put on some feel-good music and sing along! If you don’t like to sing, the music that comes out of your speakers can be calming and zen-like to reduce stress and anxiety levels.


#6: Massage Shower

There is no greater way to reduce anxiety than to get a shower head with various massage options. They’re not expensive and are easy to install, and are sure to be an excellent tool to reduce anxiety on a daily basis.

#7: Use Luxurious Shower Gels

Lathering up in luxury using posh shower gels and hair care products that smell therapeutic and are toxin-free brings you a treat that can be both relaxing and soothing. Lots of luxurious shower gels come with essential oils as well for added quality.

#8: Don’t Rush Through Your Shower

Typically, most of us only have the time to take a shower purely for basic hygiene, but if you can work around your daily routine and find more time for it, you’ll discover how much you needed more ‘me’ time and more room in your day for relaxation.

#9: Put Plants in Your Bathroom

Studies have shown that indoor plants can make you feel happier by improving your mood and lowering stress levels. Hang a plant that thrives in the humidity from your bathroom ceiling and enjoy its benefits every time you shower.


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