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10 Ways to Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

This video was created and posted on Youtube by Carly Cristman. I am posting this video to help almost anyone who is trying to get their life straightened out feel like they some good pointers and tips to go by in reinventing themselves and their lives and their sanity.

Every day life is hard…add debt, bills, housekeeping, demanding jobs, side hustles and home based jobs plus all the people in the world and all the housecleaning and clutter, business and peer competition, congested cities and towns, illness or ailments, oweing the banks, etc…it can be very draining…life…not fair but always be happy to be alive and feel blessed by what you have with appreciation and kindness towards all forms of life including people, animals, and plant life.

Always try to simplify your life. Ask yourself questions like “Do I really need to buy that?” or “What is my main priority to tend to?” or “Is it worth it to do this considering the risks and consequences.

In Carly Cristman‘s own words:

1. WHEN I COME HOME TO A CLEAN HOUSE: I could have the worst day but feel immediately better when I come home to clean house. I’m like, I survived today AND I have a clean house? YOU GO GLEN COCO. Same with when I wash my hair. The day could be absolute crap, but I still have clean hair. And no one can take that from me.

2. WHEN I NETFLIX N CHILL: Some days I start to reallyfeel bad about myself if I order food for delivery. The anxiety in my mind is like ‘look at you, ordering food on your couch, being a general waste of space’ and then I’m like, no. I just employed someone. I am contributing to the economy. Don’t judge yourself for having a chill night in and ordering food. You’re worth it, and you just gave somebody a job.

3. WHEN I HAVE FOOD IN MY HOUSE: can you get more adult than having a fridge full of groceries?! I think not.

4. WHEN I DRINK WATER: Just remind yourself whenever you’re drinking water, that you could be drinking wine. And you’re not drinking wine in the middle of the day! You’ve got your life together!

5. WHEN I KEEP MY THOUGHTS TO MYSELF: I feel like an adult when I keep all of my sarcastic thoughts to myself. That takes a lot of self control.

6. WHEN I PAY MY BILLS: That takes money! Only functioning members of society make money!

7. WHENEVER I DON’T GIVE IN TO ROAD RAGE: I play praise music in my car to remind myself that I am a child of God + I need to act as such.

8. GETTING GAS: If I get gas in my car BEFORE the empty gaslight comes on, I AM WINNING

9. WHEN I RESPOND TO MESSAGES: and when I don’t respond to messages. Thank you, read receipts. #nope2016

10. WHEN I WAKE UP BEFORE MY ALARM GOES OFF: If I can start my morning routine before my alarm goes off, I am killing the day!


These are the little things in any day that remind me that I’ve got my life together, that my anxiety + stress is just that= anxiety and stress. Don’t let those thoughts steal your joy! Not every day is a milestone, but every day IS a gift! If you start to get down on yourself, remind yourself of all the silly little things throughout the day that you got through and made good choices in 🙂 Please give this video a thumbs up if you like it!

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