5 Signs Your Partner Won’t Last in a Marriage

Making a marriage last is one of the most fulfilling and taxing jobs we have on our hands. When BBW dating turns to BBW marriage, things do get more satisfying, but they certainly don’t get any easier, and other niches are no different either. Today we take a look at the top 5 signs your partner is unlikely to last in a marriage, and we discuss why that is so.

#1: He Married Too Young

If your partner was in his early 20s when you got hitched, statistically speaking there is a good chance his commitment won’t last. According to Psychology Today, partners who marry after the age of 25 are more financially stable, have a clearer understanding of who they are, have had several dating partners and know what they want. As a result, they are less likely to head for splitsville than their younger counterparts.

#2: He’s a Womanizer

As attractive as bad boys are to most women out there, getting them to settle down is no easy feat. If they like the thrill of the chance, get bored easily, and can’t commit to even having a puppy with someone, no matter how hard they fall in love there is a good chance they’ll bail when the road gets rocky or a new object of affection comes along.

#3: His Parents are Divorced

Many scholars agree that divorce is not an acute stress that children recover from, but a life-altering experience that can rear its ugly head in everything they do, including how they approach relationships. Children of divorced parents are less likely to marry in the first place, have poorer marriages, and are more likely to get a divorce than the children whose parents stayed together.  Is it written in stone that we’ll repeat our parents’ mistakes? Of course not.  Are we likely to follow in their footsteps? Yes, we are.

#4: His Work Comes First

In this money and success driven world we live in, lots of people put their careers and jobs first and most of us are not bothered by that in the beginning, but as times goes on and we start getting less and less time and affection from our partners, not only will we feel neglected, but we’ll also get bored, which often leads to making stupid decisions.

It’s completely understandable that men strive to be as recognized in their fields, and as successful as possible, but finding that balance between their personal lives and their careers means their marriages have a higher chance of working out.

#5: His Values Are Different From Yours

If two partners don’t share the same values their relationship will be that much more difficult to sustain. Obviously, most people know the difference between right and wrong pretty well, but what about those more subtle things that creep up when you least expect them?

Who should be doing the cooking? Should the kids be in daycare? Is in-house guest OK? As time goes on so many new dilemmas arise that partners need to resolve despite all of their daily stressors and responsibilities that simply won’t go away for the next several decades. Those couples who share a bunch of the same values are simply more likely to stay married ‘till death do them part’ because life is too complicated as it is without a set of different values and beliefs

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