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4 Ways to Achieve the Trendy Androgynous Look

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People are always looking to keep up with the trends, and sometimes all you have to do is tweak a few pieces in your wardrobe to keep your look updated. The androgynous look is in, and if you’re a woman who wants to get in on the trend, then there are a few tricks that you can use to add some masculine touches to your style.

Boatneck Tops

One of the often forgotten about differentiators between men and women’s bodies is the angle of the collarbones. Men’s collarbones are more horizontal to the shoulder whereas women’s collarbones run at a slight angle. When you wear a boatneck top, not only are you covering the collarbones, but you’re also wearing a piece that’s seen on both men and women.

Cut and Style of Hair

If you’re ready to get rid of your long hair, or if you already have short hair, then there are plenty of cuts that have an androgynous look. Cutting your hair short or changing your haircut so that it’s a bit more masculine will go a long way in making you look androgynous. Avoid feathering and dainty bangs as these can often look very feminine. You can, however, incorporate shags, mullets, and buzz cuts. If you’re unsure about cutting off all of your hair, there are also cuts that are longer but still androgynous.

Incorporate Select Pieces of High-Quality Menswear

When you’re choosing menswear, pick pieces that can be worn oversized or that fit women. For instance, a men’s watch is a great addition because the faces of men’s watches are much larger than those of women’s. You can also incorporate high-quality cardigans, sweaters, and jackets. Some of these can be worn oversized. Certain fashion lines focus on classic silhouettes while still being unique by playing with texture and color. However, you should avoid shopping men’s pieces without knowing your measurements and the measurements of the item you’re buying.

Shoes Are a Huge Deal

When you’re trying to make your look more masculine, the type of shoes that you wear is critical. We all love a good heel, but if you’re trying to look more androgynous, it’s best to pass them up. Feminine shoes often have embellishments or stylings that make the foot look smaller. Mens’ shoes often make the foot look bigger. Consider adding in a pair of leather oxfords, sports sneakers or grungy boots.

Women can get in on the androgynous look by changing just a few pieces in their wardrobes. But if you plan on making the look work for a long time, then invest in high-quality pieces.

Androgynous fashion and street fashion go hand in hand. So if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, why not experiment and try something new with your style?

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