4 Traditional Photography Basics for Beginning Photographers

If you have an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account that you’ve recently decided to use for more visual purposes, there are some helpful tips that will help you take better photos. Keeping these essential tips in mind will help you capture photos that you will be proud to share on social media, or even do more creative things like make zines or great portfolios to show off your work. Here are four beginning photography tips to remember.

Choose the Right Equipment

The first choice you will need to make as a photographer is what type of photography you want to pursue. Some people enjoy the vintage look and feel of using a 35-millimeter camera while others want the latest digital camera. Some want a point-and-shoot camera that allows the camera to make most of the choices for you while others choose a camera with many interchangeable lenses. Regardless, you should choose the best camera and lenses that you can afford as it will improve your photography.

Use Lines to Your Advantage

The Corel Discovery Center recommends using lines as a great way to add motion to your photograph. Repetitive lines give a photo a sense of symmetry while converging lines allow photos to radiate a sense of energy. Using a diagonal line through your photo gives it a sense of motion and depth, especially when the farthest point of the line is located at the top corner of a photo and the closest point at the opposite corner of a photo.

Consider the Sun

If you wish to photograph your surroundings, then it’s important to think about how the sun hits it. Your subject should face the sun as it will illuminate its surface, and you will capture fewer shadows. Twice each day, photographers experience golden hours when the sun is perfect for most photos. These hours occur an hour before sunup and an hour after sunset.

Print Your Photos

While you may not want to develop every photo, you should be sure to print the very best ones to show to your friends and family. You may want to give some as presents or framed gifts. The rest you should find a storage solution for. All Storage Online explains that although it may be tempting to store photographs in stacks in order to save space, this is never a good idea because when you go to pull the photos apart, the glossy side of the photos will peel off. It’s better to protect your photographs by storing them in an album with mylar sleeves. Then, put them in a cool, dark environment as it will help keep them from fading from exposure to the sun.

Learning some photography tips and basics can be great for anyone who’s into fashion and social media. It can be exciting to share your outfit ideas and concepts online for others to see. And since visuals are such an important part of that, starting with these basic concepts will help you capture better photos that you will want to share with others. .

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