3 Ways to Travel the World on a Budget

Traveling the world is a bucket list item for many people. Although you may dismiss this dream as being too costly, there are a number of ways that you can travel the world on a budget. Here are three ways to expand your travel horizon while keeping your finances in mind.

Try Working at a Hostel

Hostels are not just for college students or recent graduates. These inventive living arrangements can be a real saving grace for many travelers on a budget. Not only are hostels value-driven places to stay, but you can also work at the hostel to earn extra money for your trip. By working at a hostel, you will receive free or discounted lodging and meet people from all over the world in the process.

Source: The Blonde Abroad

Cruises Should Be an Option

If you want to see many different countries on one trip, you would be wise to consider an international cruise. Cruises can be rather cost-effective, compared to merely buying airplane tickets and finding hotel rooms for stops you want to make. When you choose a cruise, your boat becomes a de facto floating resort, taking you to each of your destinations. An all-inclusive cruise is also an ideal way to manage costs since everything needs to be paid in advance of your journey. It can be easy to manage saving up for a cruise if you are disciplined about making monthly contributions to your vacation savings account.

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Slash Your Food Budget

Eating out at restaurants for every meal can kill even the best-laid budgeting plans. You can slash the total cost of your trip if you commit to only eating out for one meal per day. To supplement your meals,plan to purchase food at local supermarkets. Not only will you save a load of money, but this kind of shopping will expose you to more of the local culture. Many foreign countries enjoy a thriving local market scene. There are few things quite as satisfying as spending the morning wandering the Parisian street market scene picking out a host of delicacies for a picnic lunch on the grounds of the Tuileries Garden with the Eiffel Tower rising over you in the distance.

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Seeing the world is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A tight budget should not hold you back from this dream. With some research and careful planning, you can stretch your travel dollar and indulge your sense of wanderlust.

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