3 Unique Art Exhibits to Visit in Colorado

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Although Colorado is known for its outdoor activities, the state has so much more to offer, especially for lovers of art. Below you will find three unique art exhibits that you must visit when you’re traveling in Colorado.

Art on the Streets

Art on the Streets is an art exhibition that’s been held in Colorado Springs for over 20 years. Downtown Colorado Springs explains that as the name suggests, Art on the Streets feature works of art that are displayed right out in the open in the downtown. That means that you can get up close and personal to these amazing works of art as you stroll the downtown area.

Each year, Art on the Streets chooses a new theme with new pieces to feature. Each work of art is a wonder on its own, and in the past, the pieces have taken such forms as a 4-foot stained-glass mosaic of a Russian doll and a giant stainless-steel structure of a cat and bird sitting next to each other on a bench. The truly great thing about Art on the Streets is that the art pieces aren’t stuck behind glass cases or ropes. They’re displayed as part of a larger, interactive experience.

Loveland’s Chapungu Sculpture Park

If you’re looking to experience some outdoor art, then Loveland’s Chapungu Sculpture Park is the perfect place for you. Colorado’s Centerra explains that Loveland’s Chapungu Sculpture Park is home to 82 hand-carved stone sculptures that inspire the annual Sculpture in the Park show and sale, which is the largest outdoor juried exhibition in America. The show features over 2,000 pieces by 160 different sculptors who hail from all over the world. You can spend the day walking through the Sculpture Park and taking in the scenic Colorado landscape. These amazing works of art feature stunning sculptures of people and animals.

American Indian Art at the Denver Art Museum

Another must-see for art enthusiasts is the permanent American Indian Art collection at the Denver Art Museum. This collection features artwork by Native people from almost every tribe in the United States and Canada. Curated by region, the exhibit contains almost 20,000 art objects. You can view beaded bandolier bags from the 1800s created by the Seminole and Cherokee people as well as basketry from the Cherokee and Choctaw. There are also ancient Puebloan ceramics and modern-day works of art, including woodblock and stone-cut prints created by Inuit artists. The museum also offers specific, curated exhibitions. One recent exhibition explored the way that animals have been featured in artists’ works throughout the ages.

From ancient art to modern art, Colorado has it all. Be sure to visit these unique art exhibits and experience the artistic side of Colorado.

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