3 Trends You’re Dying to Know How to Wear

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As the seasons change, the hottest new trends seem to appear, being worn by both celebrities and A-listers alike. On the runway, models effortlessly wear gorgeous outfits, whereas it may not look the same when you try to copy it at home. While you may admire unique trends from afar, it can be tricky learning how to wear a new trend and still look classy. We are going to teach you how to rock wearing three of the hottest fashion trends of the year.

Sparkly Shoes

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Sparkly shoes are not just for toddlers and celebrities as they add color and shimmer to one’s outfit.

  • Pair sparkly boots with a simple outfit such as jeans and a basic tee to upgrade your look.
  • Wear a little black dress with sparkly heels as it will make you look and feel like a million bucks.
  • If you do not want to go too far out there with this trend, find a shoe with a hint of sparkles such as the straps of a shoe.

Fishnets and Mesh

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While the thought of wearing fishnets every day may alarm you, it is definitely a fashion trend you might want to think about adding into your wardrobe capsule. Fishnets and mesh do not have to scream Halloween or Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” so here are a few tips on how to wear this fashion trend in any stylistic direction.

  • Match a knee-length skirt with a pair of fishnets for a professional vibe, ensuring that you feel confident and powerful all day long.
  • Keep your outfit simple when pairing it with fishnets and mesh, so that the trend stands out, whereas your outfit acts as a base.
  • Wear fishnets under a pair of pants to give you a pop of edginess in almost any setting, whether you are at the office or out on the town for the evening.

White Accessories

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Who said you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day? Adding white accessories to any outfit turns it into a modern and polished look.

  • Try adding a white crossbody purse to any outfit.
  • Wear a white belt with jeans, pants, skirts, or even a dress of one color. When wearing a white belt with a dress, do not select a dress with horizontal stripes as it can appear quite wide.
  • Wear rings with a white stone as it looks classy and polished.

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