3 Denver Experiences History Buffs Will Appreciate

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Denver’s called the Mile High City for a good reason. Once a western bulwark, Denver is now a bustling metropolis high amongst the mountains. Its unique history and location make it an excellent place for history buffs to visit. If you’re in Denver and interested in learning more about its history, here are some things you might want to try.


Denver’s Beer History

For those interested in both history and craft beer, Denver’s definitely a place you’re going to want to tour. Denver’s history of craft beer goes back to Jimmy Carter’s legalization of private brewing back in 1978. After that, Denverites eager for more authentic, flavorful beers began establishing their own breweries: about 283 of them to be exact. If you’re interested in touring Denver’s brewing history, stop by the Wynkoop, Tivoli, or Great Divide Brewing Companies. You won’t regret it. Craft beer and the breweries that make them have a rich 40-year history, resulting in some truly remarkable concoctions.

Tour The Molly Brown House Museum

Titanic fans and other history buffs might want to give the Molly Brown House Museum a visit. Built in the 1880s, this historic property once belonged to Titanic survivor Margaret “Molly” Brown. Molly Brown was a well-known activist and philanthropist in the Denver area during the 20th century, and the museum tells her story. If you’re interested in visiting the Molly Brown House, you have to pick up a guided tour ticket in advance. Tickets cost $13 for adults, with discounts for youth, seniors, military, and others.

The Mayan Theater

Want to see a movie? Why not do it at the Mayan Theater. Run by Landmark Theaters since 1986, this historic building was actually built almost 90 years ago in 1930. What’s really special about the Mayan is its architecture. It’s one of only three American theaters to be built in the “Art Deco Mayan Revival” style, making it a building unlike almost any other in the country. Even better, the Mayan is still an operating theater. If you’re interested in watching a movie at the Mayan, you can check out their showtimes on their website.

Denver’s a beautiful city, but not everybody knows about its historic charm. That’s really a shame. Denver is rife with historical sights and landmarks that are sure to tickle the fancy of any historian or history buff that finds themselves in town.

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