How to Crush Those Shoulder Bumps

Shoulder horns, hanger bumps, shoulder nips, no matter what you want to call them, they are a pest that can ruin any outfit. The good news is, there are ways avoid this fashion faux pas. With a little bit of planning and a few handy items, shoulder bumps will be history in your wardrobe.

Preemptive Ways to Combat Shoulder Bumps

The best way to avoid shoulder bumps is to change a few habits. These techniques are very simple and will completely solve the problem in most cases.


Specialty Hangers to Reduce Hanger Bumps

This method makes plenty of sense: hang your clothing on these specially designed hangers and viola – no more shoulder bumps. Bumps-be-Gone hangers are a fantastic product designed to better distribute the weight of the garment and lessen the chance of a bump forming. Since weight is what causes bumps in the first place, the broad, soft coating of the hanger helps ensure that the weight does not centralize to one specific place and cause a bump.

They do take up a lot of space in your closet and reviews are mixed. Plenty of reviewers have reported that they still get bumps, so if you go this route, be sure to learn how to use the hangers properly, otherwise they might not work as intended. Also, since they are bulky, they may not be well suited for travel.

Augment your Existing Hangers

If you don’t want to invest in specialty hangers, then consider picking up a few of these Shoulder Shapers from Ikea. AKA the BUMERANG, these add-ons can turn any hanger into a bump fighting friend to help protect the shape of sweaters, jackets, blouses and more.

Shoulder Shapers are very inexpensive at less than a dollar each, and this type of solution works. I personally use this type of hanger for all of my jackets and sweaters.

Fold Your Clothes

There are numerous tricks to eliminate shoulder bumps on various types of clothing by using techniques like these:

  • Sweaters and Blouses: Don’t use the hanger the traditional way. Instead, wrap the sleeves around the hanger arms.
  • T-shirts: Sometimes soft t-shirts are prone to bumps, especially when hung for a long period of time. For these items, try rolling them instead and storing them in a drawer.


Oh No! Shoulder Bumps Happened. Now What?

So for some reason or another, you were unable to implement the preemptive measures and BAM, you got hit with some shoulder bumps. It can happen to all of us, so here’s what you do.

Wrinkle Releaser Fixes Shoulder Bumps

This is a simple and fast way to remove hanger bumps. Simply use a wrinkle releaser to spray the area where the bumps have sprouted. Work the wrinkle releaser around and smooth and flatten out the affected area. As the garment dries, it should revert to its normal shape as long as you have properly smoothed and flattened the area.

This method is great for when you are traveling because travel size wrinkle releaser is great for on-the-go and can be used to both fight wrinkles and shoulder bumps.

Steaming Your Clothes Will Fix Hanger Bumps

Steaming is also a simple fix. So simple in fact that many people make steaming their clothes part of their daily routine. Steaming appliances these days are so simple to use and heat up so quickly that it’s a low-hassle way to look great. If you have a steamer on hand and you find yourself with hanger bumps, then put that steamer to good use and steam out those bumps.

Similar to working with wrinkle releaser, make sure to properly smooth out the fabric and massage out the bump with your fingers.

Hopefully these tips will help you lead a hanger bump free life! If you have any tips of your own please share.




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