Question of the Day: Should You Get Your Spouse’s Name Tatted?

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We all want to show affection for our loved ones. Whether we’ve met them via a friend of a friend, through a cougar dating site or by bumping into each other on the street, it’s not uncommon for people to do certain things to show just how much their significant other means to them.

One of those things is getting their spouse’s name tattooed on their body. Even though not everyone will have the courage to make this step, it’s still something a lot of us do to signify just how close we are to someone and how much that someone means to us. The question remains though: should you or should you not get your spouse’s name tatted?


Aesthetics vs. Practicality

Even though we only mentioned two people in a romantic relationship, the name tattoos aren’t limited to those only, and these also include parents and children, friends, relatives – you name it (pun intended). When someone means so much to someone else, there’s a chance that someone else might get the first person’s name engraved in ink form somewhere on their body.

Now, this indeed has the potential to be one of the most beautiful ways to show affection towards a person in our life. Whether it’s our boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, son, daughter, father or mother, it’s really a symbol of our love for someone and the fact that we couldn’t imagine our lives without that person.

Unless, of course, we’re not thinking clearly and there’s no real reason as to why we should do it in that situation. There have been many cases where a couple that has only been together for a couple of months gets each other’s names inked into their skin only to break up shortly after, not knowing which skin clinic has the most affordable laser tattoo removal.


The Final Verdict

The titular question here cannot be answered with one word despite the fact that it seemingly is a “yes or no” question. There are many reasons both for and against this idea, and the ultimate answer varies from individual to individual – as it should since this indeed is one of those personal things that nobody can tell you to do or not to do.

The main reason why you should do this is that submitting your body through such a painful process only to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result that signifies your love for someone is a powerful act in and of itself.

Then again, this isn’t something you should rush into doing, especially if you don’t know the other person for very long despite the fact that tattoos are no longer as permanent as they used to be thanks to medical advancement.

If you’re still in a dilemma, just tell yourself that if it doesn’t work out, you can always get that tattoo removed or covered. If that sentence sounds like nonsense to you, you should probably do it. If it seems like a rational idea, then getting your spouse’s name tatted is perhaps not the way to go.


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