2017 New Makeup Trends


2017 New Makeup Trends for Winter is not only about the seductive duo of the stylish and sexy classic red lips and bold eyeliner trends. It also promises some of the most empowering and ultra-accessible beauty looks. This season is stylish; it’s colorful and uncompromisingly hip and chic; full of the newest trends that can “change you into a more glamorous and hip self.”

Can YOU pull off these 2017 New Makeup Trends?!


Imperfectly Perfect Red Lips

The smudged and smeared red lipstick look with diffused edges and corners is no longer a no-no! In the beauty world, it is perfect with all its imperfections.



2017 New Makeup Trends




Luscious hair

Highly-textured and expensive looking glossy hair is the classiest and most luxurious hairstyle trend for Winter 2017. Groom your hair, slightly tousle your locks, and you won’t regret it!



2017 New Makeup Trends




Neutrally Beautiful Divas

Blend in the toffee, beige and earthy shades with your neutral skin tones, and you will look like what is defined as a “strong independent glamorous woman.”



2017 New Makeup Trends



Candy-Colored Eyes

Brightly colored, sweet and sentimental eye shadow in unique shapes are a big hit this season. Whether it’s the banana socket, clown arcs or sharp edges, these dazzling shaded geometric eye shadow looks are a hit.



2017 New Makeup Trends


2017 New Makeup Trends



Silver Accents

Metallic accents have reigned in the 2017 cosmetics world especially in silver and chrome. Also, spotted often are smoky eyes with a shimmer of bright red, cream or silver lining which is enough to make you all the prettiest.



2017 New Makeup Trends 2017 New Makeup Trends



Thick Long Lashes

Whether it’s a candy glam-up, a neutrally toned beauty, or someone with imperfect red lips and rosy tints, over emphasized lashes have always been there and are here to stay! But, who says you can’t play around a bit with your thick long lashes?



2017 New Makeup Trends 2017 New Makeup Trends



Brows Unlike Any Others

Bold and thick eyebrows are in style. They make us look proud and beautiful. But, are you ready to wear the quirkier ones?



2017 New Makeup Trends



Off-Beat Liner

From over-bold black liner or a floating liner, what is your pick for 2017 festivities? Here are two to match your quirky brows!



2017 New Makeup Trends 2017 New Makeup Trends


Comment below with your favorite looks for 2017 New Makeup Trends!


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