10 Style Mistakes You Will Make This Summer

10 Style Mistakes You Will Make This Summer

Fashion plays a rather important role in everyone’s life nowadays. The fact of the matter is that a vast majority of people, regardless of whether they’re single, young, old, gay, or members of the transgender dating niche, have an urge to express themselves through fashion. This goes for all seasons and occasions and the case is no different with this year’s summer.

Now, even though people know how to appreciate a good fashion sense, the things they notice even more are the style mishaps. Therefore, here are the 10 outfit mistakes you might make this summer, so go ahead, check them out and do your best to avoid them!

Socks And Sandals

If there were a list of fashion deadly sins, wearing socks with sandals would definitely be the worst of them all. If you want to look good and have any kind of chance on the dating market, make sure to avoid this horrid trend.

High Socks And Sneakers

This is not as bad as the previous one, but if you’re not a tennis player, there’s really no need for high socks during the summer season. Especially if your outfit is based on light shorts and elegant sneakers.

Too Baggy And Too Tight Jeans

One of the most important rules when it comes to summer fashion is that you need to avoid the extremes. So, avoid baggy jeans because you won’t be able to stand the heat. Also, wearing tight jeans during summer will make walking rather unpleasant.

3/4 Length Shorts

A lot of people, who are not comfortable with short shorts tend to wear 3/4 length pants. If you want something lengthier, go with the Bermuda shorts because no one looks good in 3/4 shorts.

Unbuttoning Too Many Buttons On Your Shirt

We know it’s hot and we understand your need to cool down, but for goodness sake, don’t unbutton your shirt all the way to the navel. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, it’s simply offensive and tasteless.

Shorts That Are Too Short

This particular trend is also quite popular, especially among young women. We get it, you have beautiful long legs, but if you’re not on the beach, these shorts are simply not a good choice.

Wearing Too Many Colors

Yes, brightly-colored clothes are a rather popular summer trend, no doubt about it, but wearing and mixing too many different colors will make you look ridiculous.

Jean Shorts And Sneakers

Don’t get us wrong, jean shorts are ok. In fact, they can be very elegant, but only if you wear them with elegant shoes. Avoid wearing jean shorts with sports footwear.

Shirts With Very Short Sleeves

The only person allowed to wear shirts with very short sleeves is young John Travolta in “Grease”. Therefore, go sleeveless or choose a t-shirt with regular sleeves.

Tight Yoga Pants

Women look rather good in yoga pants, no doubt about it, but wearing tight yoga pants outside your gym is not a good fashion choice. It can look rather vulgar and provocative. If you must wear them, try to take some cover with a tunic.

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