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10 Favorite Top Etsy Alternatives

My Personal Favorites: Top Etsy Alternatives is number 1 best place to sell online to many sellers and buyers too. It is trusted and simple, however there are a plethora of other places to sell your creative goods, This list talks about Top Etsy Alternatives. Granted, Etsy is easily one of the most successful marketplaces for indie crafts.

And that’s exactly why Etsy may not be the best place to sell your art!

You see, there are so many sellers on the site that the competition is as stiff as it can get. And for most beginners it is nearly impossible to stand out.

Having said that, there is no reason to exclude yourself from Etsy.

Go on and get yourself listed on Etsy.

But cast your net wider!

Get on smaller online marketplaces and other top Etsy alternatives sites that are similar to Etsy that are not as crowded where your talent could be easier spotted.

And to make your job of finding these Best Etsy alternatives easier, I’ve compiled a list of online communities of varying popularity to widen your choice.

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I personally use Etsy because I trust it the most and its fees are not too bad…however, I have to fight to sell against so many other people creating similar things like jewelry and art.

I have tried other top Etsy alternatives but I simply went back to Etsy because it is easiest for me. That doesn’t mean one of these notable top 5 Etsy alternatives will not work for you. Feel Free to try them all below this paragraph and see which one is best for you!

To stand out, I forward my domain name to my Etsy shop so it looks more professional and I dont have to have a custom url for an Etsy Pattern shop which is a new feature on Etsy.

To get more people to follow and buy at my Etsy shop, I also fill in all of the details in my About Page and make sure to be very clear, to the point, and accurate with my descriptions of my items.

My own shop on Etsy can be reached at We simply forwarded our domain to our Etsy shop link. It makes you stand out and makes it more personal.

We also price our items reasonably and competitively with reasonable payment for shipping at a flat rate with 2 Day Priority mail to USA only. We don’t offer shipping to “everywhere else” on Etsy or other countries because the cost varies too much and we generally cater to USA only to make things go smoother. That way, we can offer a flat and cheap shipping option.

So, here is my top 10 Best Variety of Etsy Alternatives for you to browse and try out!


This is yet another popular marketplace for aspiring handicraft makers and artisans. ArtFire is one of the best places to sell handmade jewelry especially.

Personally, I think its greatest appeal is how you can put up an item on your Amazon wish list. It is a stroke of genius for ArtFire to tie up with Amazon’s Universal Wishlist technology.

2. Bonanza

It is now being compared right up there with the very best – eBay and Etsy.

There is no membership fee and listing fee is low.

Amazingly, the website actually employs real people to handle online sales consultations. The idea is to help the designers to sell more — while not passing over that cost to them.

3. Big Cartel

Compare to sites like ArtFire, Big Cartel is really lacking in the area of the social aspect.

But if you are into customizing your shopfront, this can be an excellent choice.

4. Storenvy

Product listing and membership are free at Storenvy (but you would have to pay for the extras such as custom domain names and coupons/discounts, at $5 a month respectively).

5. Lilyshop

There is no listing, re-listing, or monthly fees. They simply take a cut when a sale is made. The site has no region bias so anyone around the world is allowed to set up shop here.

6. Supermarket

The magic of Supermarket is in its simplicity. The website is fairly simple to navigate as the website lists products under the just four broad categories: everything, wear carry, space place, and paper prints.

This certainly does away with lots of confusions and frustrations for both the traders and users.

As the user gets into the individual category, images are displayed, with each one linking to a designer store.

The approach is both simple and elegant. Alternatively, users can also navigate through a directory of designers.

7. EthicalStores is the world first non-profit cruelty-free marketplace.

It offers a 100% totally free service.

To be eligible for a lifelong membership store with unlimited products, the vendors products must not contain animal derivatives or test on animals.

EthicalStores is a voluntary organization that is funded by donations from public and business.

As an animal lover, I am glad Sam brought this site to my attention.

8. Craftly (Changed to Goodsmiths)

You have to admire Craftly for its savviness in term of online marketing. As in the case of Kickstarter (the popular crowdfunding site), it is also a new kid on the block in the online world.

Similarly, it is also fast catching up on popularity. Unlike Kickstarter, this site is dedicated to just craftspeople and artists.

This is an excellent place for you to quickly gauge the kind of response from a limited market before you bring it onto the wider market.

9. Zibbet

Few could be as no fuzz as Zibbet. They don’t charge listing fees, take no commission and you get to register a free account. If nothing else, it impresses me with the no-fee business model.

There is also a tool to import an Etsy account, just in case you think it is time to switch.

10. Chictopia

Chictopia is dedicated to modern fashion; there are tons of handmade clothes and accessories showcased here.

There is no shopping cart facility so every transaction has to be routed back to your own site.

They do not charge listing fees.



I truly hope you enjoyed this list and please comment below for any additional suggestions on what sites to add that are Great Etsy Alternatives!

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