4 Great Swarovski Crystal Facts You Should Know

What is it that makes Swarovski so popular among the masses? Swarovski defines luxury, quality and value. Check out these 4 noteworthy Swarovski crystal facts about these diamond like crystals. Photo by Rostislav Uzunov on Pexels.com 1. Swarovski originated from…

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5 Tips for Money Management

Money management can be a difficult feat at any time. But, following the New Year finances may start to feel overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to add a little luxury to your life. Between planning your yearly budget, travel expenses,…

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The Most Common Myths About Wrinkles You Should Know

No one looks forward to their first gray hair or wrinkle, but it’s part of life. We all age, but not in the same ways. Some people don’t get wrinkles until they’re in their 60s and others get them as…

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Tips on How to Wear Statement Jewelry

Our statement jewelry designs are an exceptional way to express yourself with color and sparkle. They add a lot of bold drama to an outfit: from informal to dressy. But do you realize the way to wear and select statement…

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Foolproof Style Tips To Always Look Put Together

What kind of person do you want to be? You may have heard the saying that states, “You are only what you are when no one is looking.” So, who are you? What motivates you to do your best and…

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